The School Day

Welcome to the website of St. Gregory CEVC Primary School.

This is a new website and we hope it will become a really excellent source of information for parents.

St. Gregory Primary School currently has 201 children on role in main steam school and 20 children in our R/KS1 and KS2 SSC classes. We also have our own Nursery called Pips which currently has 19 children on role and runs every morning.

Breakfast Club:  Monday-Friday 7.30am-8.45am

(Please Book For This At The School Office)

Key Stage         Morning Session        Lunch                     Afternoon Session

NURSERY       9.00am-12.00pm         N/A                          N/A

EYFS                8.45am-11.45am         11.45am-12.45pm   12.45pm-3.00pm

KS1                   8.45am-12.00pm        12.00pm-1.00pm     1.00pm-3.15pm   

KS2                   8.45am-12.15pm        12.15pm-1.15pm     1.15pm-3.15pm             

Home Learning Club:  Monday-Friday 3.15pm-4.45pm: 

(Please Book For This At The School Office)