Play Leaders

Play Leaders

Pupils in Year 6 have the opportunity of applying for the position of Play Leader. Their responsibilities include organising play equipment for the younger children, ordering replacement equipment and leading play at lunch time.

Pupils who are interested in the role attend a meeting at the start of the academic year where they find out about the expectations and responsibilities involved. When they are sure they want to commit they are asked to fill out an application form which asks them to reflect and think about their personal strengths as an individual and what they feel they can offer to the role.

All Play Leaders receive an official certificate in a celebration assembly, along with a badge to wear on their school jumper. Mr Kittle and Mrs Taylor work closely with Play Leaders to organise a timetable so they know when they are on duty. Mr Kittle meets every half term with all members of the team to discuss the strengths and areas for improvement.

This year Play Leaders have help to order new equipment for the back playground. They then worked hard to organise the cupboard where all resources are stored so that it is easily accessible. Most recently pupils have been looking at how the school can best spend the money raised from the Beat the Street competition. They have also been instrumental in ordering a new storage container for the front playground for the Year 5 and 6 pupils.

Looking ahead, the children will be planning an assembly for the younger members of the school where they will explore rules and relationships on the playground. During the summer term, Play Leaders will also be involved in the handover of responsibilities to the current Year 5 children who will be next year’s Play Leaders.